Is there a way or can you play mobile games on the Ipod touch?


I’m getting the ipod touch and i was wondering can you download mobile games like java on it.





You cannot download Java games from the internet. However, there are many games on the App Store that may appeal to your liking using the unique features on the iPod Touch!

Some games that you may like are sometimes free, depending on the developer. Of course, the paid games are most likely worth buying. For example, some free games, such as MazeFinger, Trace, Tap Tap Revenge (A.K.A. Guitar Hero for iPod Touch/iPhone), and many more games are some of the many games you will like! Just slowly wander through the endless library of games for the iPod Touch at the App Store and have fun!


Sorry, apple have locked that one up. You can get a good selection of native ipod game at and going to their ipod and iphone section.

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