How to draw art stuff for mobile games?


Obviously, i’m not a professional game developer. I’ve finally think of a mobile game that i’m going to make but when i tried to draw something, i realised its not as easy. Its for a 240×320 screen. Is there any guide for this kind of thing?whats the term used?




Callum B

Its not all drawing its 20% drawing 80% code , you can find guides if you search on google or youtube

Anony Moose

what software are you using to draw it? What platform are you designing for? What kind of game is it? What’s your programming experience? You need to provide more info, but if you’re completely new to all this, I’d recommend the book ‘Foundation Game Design with Flash’ by Rex van der Spuy for making games with Flash. It’s great for beginners and requires no prior knowledge of coding or drawing or anything in fact and the tutorials are excellent. Aside from that, look online for Flash game design tutorials for beginners, Javascript tutorials, more basic scripting languages like Python and if you’re feeling daring or want to jump in at the deep end of game design some C++. Of course, if you just want to draw for games and not make them yourself, you just need to practice and find someone who needs help with making a game and offer to draw the art for it.

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