What is the best laptop for graphic designers/ game developers?

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I want to become a game developer and/or a graphic designer and I’m going to start my first year of college and I need a laptop that can help with all this graphical stuff.



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Unfortunately it is not just about graphics. It is also about processing power. Why? Because if you want to work on developing games, you want a computer that will be able to EASILY play the game you are developing.

So, you really need a desktop replacement.

So, you might want to consider being smart about this, and building a desktop. Why? Because if you build it correctly, you will be able to upgrade any and all of the hardware when you need to. Get the right motherboard, and you will be able to put in a better, stronger, faster processor in two years. You will be able to replace the Video card whenever you want. get the right board, and you can start out with 8gb of Ram, and upgrade to 16 later on if necessary. Need another dedicated gaming hard drive? No problem with a desktop because you can start with a 10,000 RPM Western Digital Velociraptor, and add more as you need them… but these super fast drives which cut level loading time by 40% or more are too large to fit into laptops.

So be smart. Get a laptop for your mobile computing needs, and build a GREAT desktop for your profession.

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